Our Services Are Customized To Make Your Projects Work And Have Greater Community Impact

Building Capacity through technical assistance, collaboration and innovation

Papyrus is a hub for technical and operational capacity building services. We assist dozens of local organizations with small grants, a hotline to international and local experts, in-house training, assessments and action plans. Our interactive platform offers funding opportunities, downloadable templates and event calendars that connect more than 600 companies and 900 people. Together with our partners, and projects like Konbit and LEVE, Papyrus works directly with local civil society organizations, the Government of Haiti and the private sector to develop skills, grow industries, and achieve results.

Developing agricultural value chains with a market-driven approach to increased local production

Papyrus manages two large value chain programs in Haiti, offering farm-level optimization, pest control, post-harvest techniques, supply chain logistics, grain conditioning, and other essential services. Thanks to Heineken’s innovative Smallholder Alliance for Sorghum in Haiti program, more than 4,000 farmers have sold sorghum to BRANA, their subsidiary brewery in Haiti. We are helping to improve the livelihoods of local farmers through training, technology and a human touch.

Delivering back office value and efficiency for start-up and operating needs

Papyrus provides personnel, procurement and administration services and shared facilities on-demand to well-known international clients needing to mobilize quickly, comply with local laws and regulations, and save on costs. Our team is well-trained and dedicated to ensuring that your transactions are compliant with local laws and client-specific regulations, so you can focus on your core business initiatives.

Jean-Mario Payen
Capacity Building Officer

At Papyrus, I have increased my analytical abilities and sharpened my attention to detail. The professionals I have met and the high expectations of me from my supervisors have propelled me to continuously improve myself and my performance.

Sabine Ovil
University of Florida
Project Administrator

My greatest accomplishment at Papyrus has been to align my skills to a deeper understanding of compliance. This ability is not to be underestimated in this environment of rapid expansion over the past two years in particular.

Claudine Andre
Communication Officer

Papyrus has given me the opportunity to witness the influence of women in leadership.

Sophia Dorval
Human Resources Manager

Papyrus was able to pinpoint my core strengths even when I was doubting myself. My professionalism and competencies were recognized, and my hard work paid off as I was promoted more than once.

Rich Philips
Senior Advisor, Value Chain and Production

My work at Papyrus and SMASH has allowed me to work with farmers all over Haiti. This has also given me the opportunity to visit rich historical sites and many places with natural beauty.

Hygens Israel
Finance Manager

I am very proud to be a part of this prestigious company and very grateful for the professional maturity I have acquired over the years in this environment where ethics, appreciation for a job well done and strong values have forged my career.

Luc Rémy Hilhorst
Chief of Party

Working at Papyrus on the crossroads of business and development has given me valuable insights in the reality of developing commercial supply chains in Haiti. In this fast paced environment, every day presents a new challenge; luckily, Papyrus offers you all the necessary tools to effectively face those challenges. Papyrus’ solid professional network offers access to expertise far beyond the borders of Haiti.