2020 April

30 Apr: GRANTEE Spotlight IDEH

The support and capacity building that local organizations received through the Konbit project are an important contribution to the country. More civil society organizations are better structured and equipped to be sustainable and participate in Haiti's development.

30 Apr: GRANTEE Spotlight FONKOZE Foundation

Konbit’s capacity development grants have allowed FONKOZE Foundation to be more efficient and better positioned in the communities in which we operate. This has also improved our visibility as a recognized and valuable partner for USAID and other donors

30 Apr: GRANTEE Spotlight FONHDAD

Konbit's support has set FONHDAD on the right path to become a more effective institution. The Foundation is better positioned to implement its strategy for agricultural development.

30 Apr: GRANTEE Spotlight FHADIMAC

Konbit's capacity building grant has helped FHADIMAC to expand while strengthening its organizational capacity and resiliance. Additionally, Konbit has provided FHADIMAC and other institutions a much-needed space to share information, best practices and lessons learned.

30 Apr: GRANTEE Spotlight CFET

CFET is a consul􀆟ng firm that specializes in Human Resources development and management, project management and organiza􀆟onal development. CFET is results-oriented with a commitment to quality, adherence to strict ethical and compliance standards and con􀆟nuous improvement.

30 Apr: GRANTEE Spotlight: CEDEL HAITI

CEDEL HAITI is an entrepreneurship center established in Hai􀆟 since 2012. CEDEL’s vision is to transform Hai􀆟 into a more vibrant and prosperous country built on its inherently entrepreneurial spirit. To achieve this vision, CEDEL has a dynamic and results-oriented team that provides entrepreneurship training, helps companies strengthen their governance structures and organizes events on entrepreneurship.

30 Apr: GRANTEE Spotlight AGRITECH

Founded in 2007, AGRITECH is a private company that focuses on sustainable development primarily through the provision of agricultural services in rural Hai􀆟. Its mission is to build the capacity of small and produc􀆟ve agricultural networks that will strengthen the sector, increase produc􀆟vity and reduce poverty.