2020 May

07 May: GRANTEE Spotlight Ayiti Nexus

Konbit sends the message that strengthening local organizations is the only way to ensure self-reliance in the development sector. It is clear that Haiti's problems need local solutions and those solutions can only be implemented by strong local organizations.

07 May: GRANTEE Spotlight KNFP

In general, donors in Haiti fund humanitarian projects and not organizational capacity building. However, thanks to Konbit, we have been able to increase our staff in our administrative and finance department and we are already witnessing significant improvement in its operations.

07 May: GRANTEE Spotlight GECA

We had planned to put two cooperatives online with the innovative grant received from Konbit. Immediately, 50 more wanted to join and bebefit from this service and we were able to put an additional 25 online. This represents 350,000-400,000 potential new customers.”

07 May: GRANTEE Spotlight SWITCH

We really valued the concept of Konbit's innovative grant. It didn't define a specific theme, therefore it really left room for innovative projects, but above all addressed specific problems within the Haitian context

07 May: GRANTEE Spotlight Group Croissance S.A.

Thanks to the grant received from Konbit, we have clearly identified areas for improvement and how these have affected our performance. Today, we have the capacity to manage our activities more effectively and apply for larger and more complex opportunities. We also have more confidence to define our role in consortia.

07 May: GRANTEE Spotlight CEGEC

Capacity building received from Konbit has strengthened CEGEC’s internal systems and our confidence, which has led to improved services and greater customer satisfaction.

07 May: GRANTEE Spotlight ANIMH

Konbit's support enabled ANIMH to hire a highly qualified consultant to draft its strategic plan, which marked a turning point in the history of the organization as it provided practical and realistic advice for its survival.

07 May: GRANTEE Spotlight ANACAPH

Konbit's support will strengthen ANACAPH's legal and communication strategies. In addition, Konbit's support will help reinforce our fundraising capacity to better finance our vision of contributing to a Haitian society in which access to basic financial services is available to everyone. This is key to sustainable development in Haiti.