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At Papyrus we foster development by sharing experiences, best practices and great ideas. This section is where our team members share a good read, articles on business management, project management, and important lessons learned from their projects.

14 Sep: SMASH Mobil: Brewing a Better Future for Haiti’s Agriculture Sector
In 2013, the Smallholder Alliance for Sorghum in Haiti (SMASH, implemented by Papyrus) was launched by BRANA, a Heineken company, to strengthen the sorghum value chain and spur socially inclusive growth in Haiti. In 2016, SMASH partnered with RTI International and Dimagi to develop SMASH Mobil, an integrated mobile technology and reporting system, to support actors across the value chain.
29 May: Konbit Grants Program Funds Haitian Actors of Change
Haitian institutions are often seen as inactive or absent in key areas of Haiti’s growth. This is a misconception that ignores the many challenges this group faces. One of the most significant difficulties is that they are not structured to compete for and manage international funding, due to lack of access to organizational capacity development, thus limiting their ability to be actors of change.
13 Mar: Konbit.ht: Putting Haiti on the Digital Map
In Haiti, local and foreign institutions working in the country suffer from a lack of access to information. Not only are data produced by the Haitian Government or other entities not published or accessible to a wider audience, but service providers are not listed, and funding opportunities are not shared. As a result, outsiders see Haiti as a difficult country in which to invest, and local service providers often don’t have access to funding opportunities.
24 Aug: SMASH: Spurring economic growth by linking farmers to buyers through mobile technology
Amid the struggles of Haiti’s economy, pockets of opportunity exist that, if used effectively, could improve the standard of living for thousands of people. Agribusiness is one sector that offers high potential for development. In recent years, RTI has been working with local partners to strengthen the market for several of Haiti’s main crops, while expanding earning potential and job opportunities in agriculture.
30 Jun: Organizational Capacity Strengthening for Locally-led Development
Ayiti Nexus is a boutique development consulting firm established in 2012 that offers project management services in various sectors in Haiti. Since its creation, Ayiti Nexus’ managing consultants have understood the importance of establishing strong foundations, particularly their financial and operational systems to guarantee the firm’s sustainability
01 Sep: IDB brings $2,4M to the SMASH program of the BRANA
Friday, in the Étoile du Nord in Carrefour Vincent (Drouillard), the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the Inter American Development Bank (IDB), and the National Brasserie d'Haiti SA (BRANA), have joined the sorghum farmers to celebrate the integration of the IDB to the program Smallholders Alliance for Sorghum in Haiti (SMASH), the alliance of small sorghum farmers in Haiti, launched in 2013 by the BRANA.