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Project Management

Project management is the key Papyrus offering. Since its founding as a management company, Papyrus has invested heavily to maintain its project management capabilities at a level well above the norm for the size and complexity of its current portfolio. This means that the firm is always ready for additional and more complex activities and will remain compliant with the governing rules, regulations and best practices. The firm carefully chooses the projects it associates with, ensuring they fit well within its mission.

Papyrus currently manages three high profile projects, two directly: SMASH and KONBIT; and one as a sub-contractor: LEVE.

Papyrus is implementer and Alliance Administrator of the Smallholders Alliance for Sorghum in Haiti (SMASH), launched in July 2013 by BRANA to replace imported malt with locally grown sorghum for its famous Malta H beverage.

The goal of SMASH is to improve the livelihoods of up to 18,000 subsistence smallholder farmers through sustainably increased sorghum yields and a more efficient supply chain, maintained by commercial beverage production. Program objectives are to 1) double the sorghum yield of smallholder sorghum farmers; 2) increase income from sorghum sales by 75%, and 3) create a stable and durable sorghum supply chain for farmers and professional buyers like BRANA. This six-year $8.5 million project is co-financed by USAID and IDB-MIF.

Papyrus manages Konbit, a USAID-funded Cooperative Agreement that builds local institutional capacity at three levels by: 1) providing assistance to up to 37 USAID/Haiti local awardees to enable them to meet the terms of their grants and deliver intended development results; 2) strengthening the proficiencies of about 100 capacity development service providers, a number of which will be engaged to respond to the management and technical training needs of USAID local grant recipients, and a select six to ten of which will be upgraded to potentially serve as direct implementers of USAID programming in the future; and 3) supporting the program’s core management team—Papyrus and Ayiti Nexus—to hone their respective capabilities to implement major donor awards. Konbit mobilizes regular networking events for a wide range of local and international stakeholders to encourage collaboration and sharing of best practices, innovations, and industry standards in both capacity development and technical areas. The five-year, $4.65 million project began in October 2015 and will establish and coordinate comprehensive capacity development services to build institutional competence among Haitian civil society organizations so they can take on increasingly complex development challenges.

Papyrus is a partner to RTI in its USAID-financed Local Enterprise and Value Chain Enhancement Project (LEVE), which is an integrated, research-driven approach to value chain, workforce, and capacity development. LEVE will expand opportunities for micro, small and medium enterprises to generate employment for Haitian men, women, and youth in the three development corridors: Port-au-Prince, Saint-Marc and Cap-Haitian. With a $2.3 million sub-contract, Papyrus’ primary role is to build capacities of Haitian organizations serving targeted agribusiness, textile and apparel, and construction sectors and geographic corridors to ensure project achievements are sustained and expanded beyond the life of the project, which includes preparing recipient organizations to receive direct donor funding.