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BRANA launched the SMASH program (Smallholders Alliance for Sorghum in Haiti) in July 2013 in response to the values it wishes to promote and to promote sustainable development in Haiti. Large amounts of malted barley are used to make its Malta H beverage and the brewery is committed to replacing this ingredient with locally grown and malted sorghum. In order to strengthen the local production of sorghum, the program will train 18,000 small farmers across six regions of the country over a period of four years.


SMASH objectives

1. Increase sorghum production by 100%
Through the training offered, farmers will learn to increase grain yields and produce a better quality product.

2. Increase SMASH farmers’ income by 75%
BRANA offers a purchase price higher than the local market price to ensure availability of the high level of quality it demands.

3. Improve the supply chain
To create a functional and sustainable supply chain, a collection, treatment and storage center will be established to facilitate the delivery of sorghum to the BRANA warehouses. In parallel, checks are carried out at different stages of the chain to ensure good product quality.


If you are interested in producing sorghum for Brana please contact SMASH Achat directly by E-mail (smashachat@papyrushaiti.com) or Phone: 4894-5141.



Sorghum Technical Manual
For more information on the characteristics and properties of sorghum, you can download this document.

Sorghum Training Manual
For a more detailed understanding of the subjects covered in the SMASH training, see the attached training modules.



Photo Gallery

See images of the various SMASH activities going on across the country.