7, rue Métreaux, Bourdon Port-au-Prince, Haïti
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Who We Are

Papyrus is a majority woman-owned management firm that connects local and international aspirations. We help local and international organizations to do business more effectively in Haiti by designing and efficiently managing funds and other project resources. Papyrus is the bridge that connects the resources of global companies, the private sector and donor organizations to local resources and people who share similar values.

We conduct business at a global standard, integrating expertise with strong professional networks and strategic partnerships with extensive, specialized knowledge of the Haitian market and the Caribbean region.

People are the soul of who we are and what we do at Papyrus.

It’s the reason why our diverse, talented team works diligently on private and public-sector projects that benefit the community and create change for the greater good.

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A Vision for the Future

Our vision is to be a pioneer in the development of the region, to participate in changing the perception of Haiti by exporting our competencies, and to offer a progressive and modern working environment. Together with our dedicated partners and team we are moving closer to this vision of a brighter future.

Our Story

In 2007, Papyrus S.A. Founder Alice Nkunzimana realized that international organizations doing business in Haiti could achieve better results with local and uniquely Haitian solutions.

The entrepreneurial and resilient spirit on which Papyrus was founded is an important part of our culture. We successfully navigate the Haitian market both because of our adherence to international-standard operating practices and our agility, proactive problem solving and creativity.

Over the past decade, Papyrus S.A. has evolved from a translation company to a respected management company with a team that is well connected to the private sector. This is why we are a trusted partner, designing and managing projects for renowned public and private organizations such as Heineken, USAID, the Inter-American Development Bank, Global Affairs Canada, and the University of Florida, to name a few.

Our Board Members

Each member of our executive leadership team at Papyrus has international experience and deep roots in Haiti combined with unparalleled industry knowledge.

Alice Nkunzimana


Ms. Nkunzimana was born in Canada but was raised in Haiti from a very early age. After attending graduate school in the United States and working in Israel for a few years, she returned to Haiti where she established Papyrus S.A., offering essential management, implementation and logistics services. She is a human performance improvement specialist with 20 years of working experience and has overseen the rapid growth of Papyrus from a language services provider to a dynamic and successful private management company. Papyrus is currently managing several high-value, high-visibility projects for the private and donor sectors.

Alice has an excellent understanding of Haitian society, culture and reality and is at ease working with a wide variety of people from local villagers to high-ranking officials. She has an excellent work ethic and has distinguished herself as a highly competent, hard working and effective manager.

John Currelly


An agronomist by training, Mr. Currelly draws on 40 years of professional experience in agriculture, agribusiness, microfinance, donor project management, field project development and management, and NGO development and management, bringing together the business and development sectors in Haiti to create new durable solutions to thorny development issues.

During his career John as served as the executive director of Haiti’s largest private sector foundation, the resident representative of one of Haiti’s most highly-regarded NGOs and as a project manager with USAID. He has ten years of private consulting experience, and gained deep knowledge of the Haitian private sector as co-founder of Haiti’s first fertilizer bulk-blending plant.

John’s experience has been used to create a series of innovative and highly successful projects combining the impetus of the private sector with the social considerations of the poor.

Mélissa Dunwell Padberg


Ms. Dunwell Padberg, was born and raised in Haiti. She has a degree in cultural anthropology from Haverford College in the United States and has worked in a number of sectors including advertising, hospitality and business development. Ms. Padberg oversaw the leadership of the historic Hotel Villa Créole in Pétion-Ville, with 140 staff and strong management, compliance and financial management systems. The Villa Creole was a landmark hotel that operated successfully over three generations and remains the symbol of quality in Haitian service provision due to the business ethics and quality standards it upheld until its closing post-earthquake.

Mélissa is a seasoned manager with excellent communication skills and extensive knowledge of the Haitian business sector. She is passionate about creating spaces where Haitians can be part of building sustainable pathways for the country’s economic development.